Take Action!

As a faculty member in the Drew Civic Engagement program, I am so lucky to have the chance to learn and be involved in a wide range of activism. It is my belief that we can do so much good in the world by working together and supporting one another. Below are some example of work being done that I strongly support. Please contact me if you would like to get involved!

Take the pledge to support Vision Zero New Jersey. Let’s work together to end pedestrian deaths. I recommend reading the book Right of Way to learn more about why traffic-related deaths are so much higher in the United States than other countries around the world, and a New York Times article that explains how the US exports this way of death. Guidance for how to move forward is available in a recent report by Smart Growth America: “Driving Down Emissions.”

Sign the petition to support the passage of a New Jersey Green Amendment. More information can be found in the book and website by Delaware Riverkeeper Maya K. Van Rossum.

The universities where I have worked over the past 20 years have invested, on my behalf, in TIAA-CREF retirement plans. I learned recently that TIAA-CREF has directly financed two natural gas power plants. I have two students in class this semester whose lives have been directly, negatively affected by the New York plant. I feel an ethical obligation to cease and remove my retirement funds from this organization if TIAA is unwilling to make changes. There are steps for taking action if you have funds tied up in TIAA-CREF: call TIAA-CREF, following the TIAA Divest! script and write a letter to Roger Ferguson, explaining how TIAA-CREF has neglected their fiduciary responsibility.